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Aero Profiling

Earlier this week I posted this item about power to aerodynamic drag ratio for the individual pursuit.

I mentioned in that item a table prepared some time back by Andy Coggan, which was similar to his power profiling table (which lists typical power to body mass of riders - W/kg for various time ), except it showed Functional Threshold Power (FTP) relative to aerodynamic drag (CdA) - W/m^2, instead of as per the original power profiling table.

The top end of the table would represent what's required to set a World Best Hour record.

In this way, a rider's power to aero drag ratio can be compared against the world's best.

Andy has kindly sent me the data, so here is the table for reference. Thanks Andy.

(click on the pic to superaeronate)

l'Alpe d'Huez - one for the mortals

l'Alpe d'Huez - one for the mortals

Individual Pursuit - What Makes us Faster?

Individual Pursuit - What Makes us Faster?