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15-minutes of fame

Not much to say other than since I have a new leg, I thought it about time I tried to turn a crank over on the bike (on the home trainer).

Here is the file from my 15-min effort.

A combination of very low fitness, new leg, pedalling a 100mm crank with a flat bed pedal on the left and my normal 175mm crank on the right. Combined with the PT's aliasing "feature" it makes for a funny saw-tooth power line.

Anyway, who cares what the line looks like, it was a ride right? :)

I was pretty sore before starting as the day before I had been on my feet a lot and actually managed to climb a couple of flights of stairs with full leg steps and no hands to guide me. That's something I haven't done for over 14 months... I think the ride loosened me up a bit but here's hoping I can start to get those exercise endorphins flowing before long.

Still working on the bike leg attachment.

Having done this 15-minutes though, I have the feeling a dedicated bike riding socket will be in order as I suspect some subtle (maybe not subtle) changes will be needed to the socket design. Time will tell.

Just a little bit more

Schooner rides again!