Watt Matters is a blog about training and racing with power and other related musings.

Aside from writing items here on occasions, I also provide cycling performance improvement services via coaching, aerodynamics testing and host a cycling tour.

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Riding Goals and Reviews

Specialised Power Training & Analysis items:
An Attempt at the World Hour record (Masters)

A Graphical Representation of Training Levels:

Maximum Accumulated Oxygen Deficit:

Aerodynamic Drag Testing:

Pursuit Pacing:

Training with a PM:

My Own Ergometer/Trainer project:

Performance Testing with a Power Meter:

Methods of Estimating Funtional Threshold Power:

Interval Training with a Power Meter

Performance Manager
Explanation of the PMC:

Further update on PMC during season and pre-race build:
Season review with the PMC:

Using the PMC to retrospectively analyse an previous season and learn from training/planning mistakes:

Using the PMC to plan a comeback to racing (parts I & II):

Use of the PMC to predict rider performance in a Team Time Trial:

National Champs:

State Champs:

General Racing Track/Crits/Road:

Pursuiting/Team Pursuiting:

Racing skills/tactics:

My Accident & Recovery:

Irony 101

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