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Rehab Week 1 / Dr William Tan

Well after finally making it up to the rehab ward, it’s been a case of hurry up and slow down. My large leg closure wound is all but healed, with one stubborn patch taking its time so I have to be patient, exercise needs to be moderate while I’m still healing.

Pain killers are still on the agenda too, although dosages have been wound right back, I still get plenty of reminders of the nerves in action. Think overactive pins and needles sensations and short little jolts that make you jump unintentionally. Not really painful, just weird. Occasional breakthrough painkillers are needed to settle down the “noise” which is enough to keep you awake. I reckon it’s just the leg’s nerves re-wiring themselves.

It’s probably just as well that exercise needs to be moderate, with all the changes recently, I found that even with the limited amount of exercise along with all the recent changes to medication and change of location really flattened me during the week and I spent a couple of days pretty well completely exhausted. Being very physically tired also lowered my emotional state for a while but this is just a bump along the way and I’m sure there will be a few more speed humps to drive over.

Anyway, I’ve had a few days of going easy, light gym sessions and short walks and extra sleeps during the day and have ended the week in reasonable shape.

On Friday I attended a talk by Dr William Tan. What an inspirational guy. Diagnosed with polio as a child and growing up in a poor family, Will fought against the odds to go on to become a Medical Doctor and an endurance wheelchair athlete, holding world records and competing at Paralympics. But the story he told was about his attempt to complete 10 marathons in 7 continents in 65 days, all part of a fundraising drive. The marathon on Antarctica and the non-continent at the North Pole was pretty amazing. Here’s a link for interest:


Nice work Dr Tan.

‘til next time.

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