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Rehab - here I come

Today's the day. I move to the Rehab ward. Yahoo! Only took 10 weeks.

All my wound sutures were removed this morning although the wound still hasn't fully healed, it is a long way there and the Doctors are very happy with its progress. A couple of stubborn parts that need some time to close up properly.

Over last couple of days I've been exercising more, with longer walks on the crutches (like once round the ward, so not far) and some work in the gym on my leg balance, strength and flexibility. Yesterday I climbed a full flight of the fire stairs and back down again. Then up in the rehab ward I had a funny little obstacle course to negotiate on the crutches, bit like the show dogs and how they weave in and out between the poles. If I do that again I think I'll bark and ask for a biscuit.

Endurance is low but improving. Just like on the bike, I have to introduce progressive overload in order to promote the physiological adaptations I want. I do have a small dilemma in that the Docs want me to be a little conservative with the exercise as the wound is still delicate. Don't want it accidentally opening up again, do we?

The move upstairs will come with some logistical challenges, might need removallists for all the stuff I seem to have collected over the past weeks.

Anyway, I'll miss the staff here in the Orthopaedic ward, they have been fantastic. I'll be sure to leave behind some treats for them all to enjoy.

'til next time, keep riding

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