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Pumping Iron

Today I hit the gym for the first time. This is no ordinary gym, it's part of the hospital rehab unit and has all those things you see sometimes on TV, the hip high parallel bars for learning to stand, balance and walk, stairs to practice on and some basic weight equipment. So while starting rehab like activity, I'm not yet actually in rehab. Wound is still healing.

So being the first time in the gym, I was pretty conservative, really just doing enough to get a feel for the exercises set by the rehab physio. It comprises a set of leg balancing, stretch and strength work between the parallel bars, walking up/down the stairs on my crutches and some arm exercises with the ropes/pulleys, working mostly my triceps. A whopping 7.5lbs each side!! Apart from that I have a walk on the crutches, and try to gradually increase the distance each time.

Earlier I had some stitches removed from the stump wound, just a halfdozen that were looking like they were about to bury themselves. Doesn't hurt, just a little sting at most. Most of the rest will likely come out on Friday.

So now the gym is a daily part of the routine and I'm on my way. I'll be intrested to see how quickly/slowly I adapt to the training. After 9 weeks in bed I have lost a lot of condition and have a long way to go. Only way is up!

Rehab - here I come

Nearly in Rehab