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Which Vector, Victor?

Shirley you can't be serious?

OK, Flying High (aka "Airplane!") jokes aside, not a lot to report today. It's rest day and travel day. The week so far has been all taper. My body usually hates recovery periods, I typically feel dead and sore for a 3-5 days and then come good again once the pressure goes back into the training. This week, apart from a bit of wooden legs while doing warm ups, the legs and body have been pretty good.

Come Monday, when I ride the Individual Pursuit, I'm expecting the legs to say: "We have clearance, Clarence"!

Wednesday will be the points race.

Saturday the Crit.

With any luck I'll be able to post the week's happenings as we go.

"Roger, Roger".

National Lampoon Pursuit

A Claytons Power Meter