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Bronzed Aussie

(with apologies to the late Steve Irwin)

Well I did it. I made the podium at the National Master Track Champs in the MMAS 3 Points Race, finishing in third place behind the super pursuiters of Graeme Albon (NSW - Gold) and Stuart Vaughan (Victoria - Silver).

Having trouble with blogger, so quick report only, hopefully some piccies and a wko file to share next time I report in (we are not allowed to have computers on the bike's bars in mass start track events, so I wired up the PT CPU under the saddle). I will view the file with some interest when I get the chance to download it.

All my buddies had a great championships and they were fantastic in their encouragement and support for me. So a super result. I'm now told I'm entitled to wear the Aussie skinsuit at the worlds in the points race, so that's pretty cool (although it doesn't quite feel right yet I have to admit). Yikes, I better make that final in October!!

It was a pretty brutal race but no laps taken by anyone - no one could do it. Given the quality of the 3 top pursuiters, I was surprised. I picked up points in 5 or 6 of the sprints (finished on 12 I think) and needed to leap frog the 3rd placed rider (Anthony Bishop) in the final sprint, which I did with a good kick to the line and take the bronze.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support - not least of which Ric Stern who's coaching and training is taking me to new levels; but also to Peter Barnard, Tanya Bosch, Alan Townsend, David Willmott, Michelle Crawford and the "mechanic without a cause" - Anthony as well as all the others that cheered me on today. It really helped and I was pleased my result was a popular one.

Congrats also to the other guys in the race who made it a corker! Sluggo said it was the hardest points race he'd ever ridden. I'm not gunna disagree!

Still have a crit to ride but that will be a big unknown quantity.


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